Blog: My experience at Compliance Champs by Anouk Olie

Date: 4 September 2023

A few months ago, I started as a working student in Marketing and Recruitment at Compliance Champs. Also, I am studying Psychology at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Last year, I pursued a specialization in Brain and Cognition. As a psychology student, I initially didn’t anticipate working for a company specialized in Financial Economic Crime (FEC) risks and cryptocurrencies – a subject entirely outside my expertise. However, my time at Compliance Champs has taught me a lot about this dynamic and intriguing world. In this blog, I’d like to share more about my experience at Compliance Champs!

My Work Experience at Compliance Champs

I was particularly curious about how my skills could apply to a consultancy firm in the financial sector. As a working student at Compliance Champs, I got the chance to explore the fields of marketing and recruiting. Initially, it became evident that I was a novice in the world of FEC and cryptocurrencies. However, with the guidance and expertise of Leon and Peter, I quickly began to understand more and more. This gave me an unexpected and valuable perspective on the business world outside my field of study.

My typical workday at Compliance Champs was always diverse. Each week brought new tasks that demanded my attention, ensuring that no day was the same as the last. This consistent variety in my responsibilities kept me motivated and engaged, and undoubtedly induced me further in my professional growth. One aspect of my time at Compliance Champs that truly surprised me, and that I enthusiastically embraced, was my involvement in the company’s podcast. I contributed to the Compliance Champs Podcast, where we discussed Non-Fungible Tokens and the potential money laundering implications they bring. This podcast was as educational for me as it was for the listeners. The idea of translating the complex world of FEC and cryptocurrency into an accessible and engaging podcast format also provided a fresh opportunity for me to express my opinions.

Beyond the fluctuating workdays and office tasks, there was also room for bonding. The office environment is characterized by a cozy and pleasant atmosphere, seamlessly combined with an ambitious work ethos. This is one of the reasons why I greatly enjoyed my time at Compliance Champs. Working for a startup company offered a dynamic and educational experience. I witnessed firsthand how a team can rapidly expand and evolve. Situated just around the corner from Witte de Withstraat, such moments were frequently celebrated on the terrace.

Key Lessons Learned and Carrying Forward

During my time at Compliance Champs, I learned a lot more than a particular work ethic – I also discovered more about myself. A key lesson that I am taking with me is the importance of remaining open to new experiences. Initially, I never imagined comprehending topics such as compliance and cryptocurrencies, as they lay well beyond my academic domain. However, I discovered that investing time and effort into learning something can lead to a much greater understanding than one might anticipate. I have genuinely surprised myself in this regard. Peter and Leon certainly showcased that sometimes, stepping out of your comfort zone is not only necessary but also incredibly enjoyable.

Another lesson I want to carry forward is the value of open communication and honesty within a team. Engaging in a conversation can often lead to collaborative solutions that might not have been initially apparent. Compassion and attentive listening are qualities that have a strong value at Compliance Champs. Hence, it’s about having the courage to ask for help and not being afraid to make mistakes. This encourages an environment rich in mutual learning and, most importantly, seamless and effective teamwork. One eye-opening insight during my time at Compliance Champs is that the corporate office world isn’t exclusively characterized by formalities. Peter and Leon demonstrated to me that this formal environment can comfortably coexist with conviviality and relaxation. As per Peter’s favourite saying, “The best deals are made with a good glass of wine.” This perspective has shown me that a workplace can take on various shapes beyond our initial perceptions. This adaptability within a professional setting also allows room for enjoyment.

My time as a working student in Marketing and Recruitment at Compliance Champs was a remarkable experience. It provided me with insights not only into the financial sector but also into myself. The most valuable lesson I learned is the importance of broadening your horizons and how doing so can continually surprise you. In short, I would highly recommend anyone to work at Compliance Champs. Apart from the welcoming and open work atmosphere, there’s space for personal growth and development. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and am carrying forward numerous valuable lessons into the future