FEC Risk Appetite

It is important that your institution determines what it is prepared to accept in terms of integrity risk. You make well-considered choices with regard to which risks you consider acceptable after any control measures have been applied, but also which risks you would not want to run at all. These choices are documented in the Integrity Risk Appetite Statement.

Integrity Risk Appetite

Well-considered choices lead to a reduction in costs and complexity of the client portfolio. This also leads to increasing alignment within your organization (from strategic to operational level) because the ‘playing field’ for the organization is clear.

Our experienced Consultants can support you in drawing up an Financial Economic Crime (FEC) Risk Appetite Statement and implementing this FEC Risk Appetite in the organization. With our standardized methodology we provide a clear approach that we transfer thoroughly to your organization so that your organization can then implement it independently. We can provide you with the following:

  • Clear and data-driven choices regarding what your organization is willing to accept in terms of FEC risk
  • Involvement of all relevant disciplines from your organization
  • A standardized methodology for preparing a FEC Risk Appetite Statement including templates and roles and responsibilities
  • Integration with SIRA
  • Operational Embedding of the FEC Risk Appetite
  • Cost reduction and reduced complexity in your client portfolio

How we work

Our Compliance Champs are energized by addressing complex compliance challenges faced by our clients – banks, insurance companies, asset managers and crypto service providers – helping to strengthen the integrity of the financial system. We believe that maximum results for our clients are achieved when there is shared value for our clients, business partners and Compliance Champs.

Therefore we pay attention to the person behind the colleague, our client and business partner. We create a safe and inspiring environment in which our ambitious and eager Champs can continuously develop themselves, fulfill their potential and ambitions and enjoy their work. We understand that compliance is not only about complying with laws and regulations, but that it also offers (commercial) opportunities for our clients.

By continuously investing in personal client relationships, we gain a better understanding of what our clients actually need. With our no-nonsense mentality, transparent way of communicating and the aim to make ourselves redundant, we always go the extra mile. With this we create optimal results that ultimately lead to satisfied clients, business partners and Champs – who enjoy working together, at a fair and good price.

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